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Apr. 26th, 2006

Our IPA is now bottled and our little yeasties are consuming some delicious sugar until they are fat and bloated and farting all up in our beer, DELICIOUS!! I'll be making the new label and will post it soon. Next on the menu is a hefeweizen which we will document (and actually remember to do so this time) since it's a fairly easy beer to make and will show the basics of the process quite well. We'll probably start on that early next week since Carl and I are leaving on Friday for Xara Dulzura where Carl will rock the haus with his electro/breaks and we will camp out under the stars and go hiking all weekend at Madre Grande Monastery. If anyone wants to go it's like a bagillion dollars or something, and by people who have a huge camp at Burning Man. The only reason we're able to go is that we get in for cheap because Carl is part of the entertainment. I'm really excited for many reasons, but mostly for Carl who has been looking forward to this for a while now and working really hard on his set. I'M YOUR NUMBER ONE FAN! *looks for sledgehammer*. Dude, I just remembered my dad used to call me the Misery woman.....I guess he thought I look like Kathy Bates. Or perhaps he knew I was capable of torture?

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